"Everyone deserves a smile, a warm greeting, and a great cup of coffee!"

At Durango Joes we care about people. From our customers to the farmers growing the coffee we serve—and everyone in-between—we believe in treating everyone with respect, care, and dignity. That's why we source exclusively fair-trade coffees, offer healthcare benefits and leadership training, and serve legendary coffee with legendary service. Everything we do, every step of the way, is geared towards the people involved! Choose coffee that cares. It tastes better that way.

Love People. Love Coffee. 

It's in that order for a reason, since 2004!

Durango Joes Coffee was established in 2004 by Joe Lloyd and his wife LeAnna, who both shared a dream of opening a chain of coffee shops. The local founders of Durango Joes have a legendary family history in Durango, CO, as rich and memorable as the coffee they serve.

Joe's grandfather, Doctor Leo Lloyd, served the Durango community for over 40 years in family medicine and was beloved for his day and night dedication to home bedside care. He set the family's "community-first" mission in the mid-1900s.

Joe's brother, Leo Lloyd III, is known throughout the Four Corners as the "go to" guy for challenging mountain rescue missions and serves as EMS Captain for the Durango Fire Department. He's the inspiration for our ATL drink, which stands for "Avoid the Lloyd" and serves to heighten the senses to keep you alert and out of trouble when enjoying the beautiful wildernesses of the region. 

Joe himself, besides serving legendary coffee, is a community leader and local charity advocate who shares the family spirit of exceptional service and prides himself as being the most caring independent coffee presence in the area. Check our 'Our Impact' to learn more about Joe's commitment to the community! 

 Ultimately, the success of Durango Joes rests in our ability to go above and beyond to please each of our customers, whether they're walking in or driving through. It is our belief that ALL people are important, which drives our priority to go out of our way to make a positive difference in each person's day.

"Everyone deserves a smile, a warm greeting, and a great cup of coffee."