DecafMedium/Dark Coffee

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Medium/Dark Roast

Flavor Nodes

  • Full
  • Sweet
  • Cedar


Fairly Traded


Decaf Coffee

About Joe's Decaf Coffee

Our Decaf is a medium roast made up of a blend from Central and South American beans. It introduces itself with a caramel aroma, creamy fullness on the palate and crisp cedar notes. Our decaf makes an outstanding espresso as well, and is actually how we choose to brew it in our shops!

The Joe’s Decaf uses a natural decaffeination process called SWISS WATER® PROCESS that is environmentally safe and chemical free. We have committed to serving only SWISS WATER® PROCESSED decaf since opening our doors for the first time. As one of the only decaffeination processes in the world with organic certification, the SWISS WATER Process signifies health, great taste, and quality.

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