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Durango Joes Releases New Rewards App

On November 1st, Durango Joes Coffee will be unveiling its new Durango Joes Rewards app on iOS and Android in an initiative to advance their offerings while still delivering the same legendary service that put them on the map. 

The release of the app coincides with the launch of their 2021 Mug Club sales, an annual membership that has helped raise tens of thousands of dollars for local Boys & Girls Clubs, and promises to give Mug Club Members greater control over their memberships.

“As far as Mug Club is  concerned, we’re offering the same value-driven program we always have, and the app is just icing on the cake,” said Creative Manager Trevor Ogborn. “It’s not required for Mug Club Members, but it definitely adds to the experience if they choose to use it.”

It also provides a new option for regular customers who enjoy the Joes Card loyalty program that offers a free drink for every $30 uploaded to a gift card. The app adds additional security and flexibility, while matching the program the Joes Card offers.

Work began on a Durango Joes app back in 2019, but challenges posed by COVID-19 helped spur the project along. Similar to other coffee company apps on the market, the new Durango Joes Rewards app will store virtual currency, accrue rewards points, and eventually allow for mobile ordering to sit-down locations.

“We’ve had this project in the works for some time, but COVID-19 restrictions definitely helped us prioritize it”, Ogborn said. 

Because this is all done without requiring a plastic gift card to store customer data, which is now managed securely through their new Point of Sale system, the new rewards program and app can help facilitate a smoother, more contactless transaction experience for customers who opt in.

“Being able to provide a more touchless experience is important to us, and we want to create as safe an environment as possible for our customers and employees,” he said.

The app will serve both Durango Joes Mug Club Members, but regular customers as well. While Mug Club Members receive a higher level of rewards, anyone is welcome to download the app and participate in the basic rewards program that comes with it.

Customers who sign up for Joes Rewards will earn points when they upload money to their virtual Joes Wallet. This can be done directly in-app or at the register for anyone without a smartphone. For each dollar uploaded, they earn 10 points. Points can then be redeemed for rewards, such as a free drink from the menu. 

Regular customers get a free drink for every 300 points, while Mug Club Members only need 250 to qualify for the reward.

“Mug Club, in essence, is our elevated program for customers, our champions if you will, who come in almost every day,” said Steve Crnkovich, General Manager of Durango Joes, during an episode of the Durango Joes Podcast about the program. “It just brings them more of a value for coming in on a regular basis.”

Mug Club Members receive a series of additional perks throughout the year by joining, including half off drinks on Mondays, discounts on merchandise and bagged coffee, and exclusive promo dates each month.

Customers who want to download and explore the app can do so as early as November 1st, when the completed version will become available on the Apple App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android.

Through December 31st, anyone can purchase a Mug Club Membership directly through the app, or physically at any Durango Joes location