About Us

How It Got Started

Durango Joe's Coffee was established in 2004 by Joe Lloyd and his wife LeAnna with a dream of opening a chain of coffee shops.

Our local founders have a legendary family history in Durango as rich and memorable as the coffee we serve!

Joe's Grandfather, Durango's own Doctor Leo Lloyd served the Durango community for over 40 years in family medicine, beloved for his day and night dedication to home bedside care, he set the family's "community first" mission in the early 1900s. Joe's brother, Leo Lloyd III is known throughout the Four Corners as the "go to" guy for dangerous search and rescue missions and serves as a Captain for the Durango Fire Department. "Avoid the Lloyd" is said throughout the area in an effort to express, "Don't get yourself in such a bind that Leo Lloyd is going to have to rescue you!" Thus, our drink, the A.T.L. was birthed! It's a life saver (with added shots) for an killer of a day, pun intended of course!

And Joe, besides serving great coffee is a community leader and local charity advocate and shares the family spirit of exceptional service and prides himself as being the most caring independent coffee presence in the area.

Ultimately the success of Durango Joe's rests in our ability to go above and beyond to please each customer who either walks in or drives thru. It is our belief that ALL people are important. That is why we make it a priority to go out of our way to make a positive difference in each person's day. Everyone deserves a smile, a warm greeting, and a great cup of coffee.